How to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot for customer support


In brand new speedy-paced world, clients anticipate instantaneous gratification when it comes to customer support. It truly is where chatbots are available. Chatbots can offer immediate responses and help resolve purchaser troubles quickly, making them a treasured device for agencies. In this article, we will go through the stairs to create a facebook messenger chatbot for customer support.

Step 1: set up a fb web page

Step one is to installation a facebook page for your enterprise if you have not already. You’ll want a fb page to create a chatbot. Make certain your facebook web page accurately reflects your emblem and presents all of the essential statistics on your clients.

Step 2: create a facebook app

Once you have got a fb page, the following step is to create a fb app. Visit the facebook developer website online and create a new app. Ensure to pick out the “messenger” product whilst induced. This can allow you to create a chatbot that can be included with facebook messenger.

Step 3: set up a webhook

A webhook is a manner to your chatbot to communicate with facebook messenger. To set up a webhook, you will need a server or a web website hosting carrier. If you don’t have a server or net web hosting carrier, you can use a carrier like heroku.

As soon as you have a server or net web hosting provider, you’ll want to create a webhook url. This url can be used by facebook to ship messages in your chatbot. You’ll additionally need to installation a verification token, which is a secret code that fb will use to affirm that your webhook url is legitimate.

Step 4: create your chatbot

Now that you have a webhook set up, you could create your chatbot. You can use a chatbot builder like manychat, chatfuel, or mobilemonkey to create your chatbot with out coding. These chatbot developers offer pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to create a chatbot.

Alternatively, if you have coding revel in, you can create your chatbot the usage of a programming language like python or node.Js. Fb gives an api for developers to create custom chatbots.

Step 5: combine your chatbot with facebook messenger

As soon as you have created your chatbot, you’ll need to combine it with fb messenger. To try this, go to the facebook developer site and pick out the app you created in advance. Then, visit the “messenger” tab and click on “settings.” beneath “webhooks,” click on on “add callback url” and enter your webhook url and verification token.

You’ll also need to subscribe your chatbot in your fb web page. To try this, go to your fb page settings and pick out the “messenger platform” tab. Under “webhooks,” pick the web page you want to subscribe your chatbot to and click on “subscribe.”

Step 6: test your chatbot

Before you launch your chatbot, make sure to check it very well. Send test messages to your chatbot and ensure it responds effectively. You can also use fb’s messenger platform check tool to check your chatbot.

Step 7: launch your chatbot

After you’re satisfied together with your chatbot, you could launch it in your facebook web page. Your chatbot could be to be had 24/7 to provide customer service for your clients.

Developing a fb messenger chatbot for customer service may seem daunting at the beginning, but with the proper equipment and resources, it is able to be achieved effortlessly. With a chatbot, you may provide immediately help in your customers, enhance their revel in, and in the long run grow your commercial enterprise.

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